Blog Challenge #1: Observing Citizen Kane

For this week, I’d like to see posts that work on the initial stages of observation and evidence gathering that we discussed in class:

• OBSERVE: Select a short scene, or a portion of a scene (roughly 1-10 shots– the shorter the better) from Citizen Kane. Take careful notes on everything you see and hear. Every decision being made here is extremely deliberate. What techniques did the filmmakers employ?

• LOOK FOR PATTERNS: Are there repeated techniques you notice throughout the film? Certain types of images, or movements, or uses of lighting that recur? Is there any pattern as to WHEN these techniques are used?

•ASK QUESTIONS: WHY might the filmmakers have made the stylistic decisions they did in this scene? What are they trying to say? How do these techniques impact the audience– how do they make you feel? Do they influence your identification, or offer insights into a character’s motivation? Might there be a commentary here on power relations, or politics?


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