Class cancelled – Prof. Herzog has the flu….

I’m very sorry to report that I’m quite sick with the flu, and cannot make it to class tomorrow. My doctor, in fact, forbade me to even try given my fever (and offered to write me a note, which I found somewhat funny– if anyone needs a copy, let me know).

SO– here is what we will do:

  1. I will post the slides I would have shown by tomorrow. I will also post the midterm study guide.
  2. I’d like for you to watch the film on your own: Yasojiru Ozu’s Early Summer. It is available in the library to watch on the monitors there (go to the Media Center on the 1st Floor and tell them you need Ozu’s Early Summer call number PN1995.9 .F67┬áB358 2004). You can also order it through Netflix. Please check your QC email for instructions on accessing an alternative resource…
  3. Please let me know asap if you are able to attend the field trip to the Museum of the Moving Image on 11/3 at 1pm. The tour will be about 90 minutes, and should be quite fun! We have to tell them how many people are coming, so please visit this site to sign up. Click yes or no, and add your full name. We need this by tomorrow– I was going to do a headcount in class, but alas cannot.
  4. And here’s the good news you were all hoping for: there’s really no way I’m going to start grading these assignments tomorrow, the way I’m feeling. So you get an extension: Please post your shot-by-shot analyses by Monday 10/17 at 9am. If your post is already up and you want to revise it, feel free. And I’d encourage you to read each other’s projects, and see what approaches seem most productive. Don’t copy, obviously (we’d all catch that, given the public forum!), but one of the goals of the blog is to learn from each other’s work. You have a few extra days now to read and revise.

Good luck, and I’m really very sorry to miss class– I was looking forward to watching this film together. I hope no one else has this bug– it’s awful.

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